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Thread: Reaction with Sodium azide. Can I reflux the reaction mixture??

  1. #1 Reaction with Sodium azide. Can I reflux the reaction mixture?? 
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    Dear Friends,
    I am trying a reaction between a complex and Sodium azide. The reaction medium is Methanol. Can I safely reflux the reaction mixture so that the reaction goes well. (TO what temperature can I safely go for refluxing. B.P. methanol 64.7C)

    (Previous reports are not with reflux, but then my reaction is also new. Previous attempts with room temperature give no product.)

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    just try It, you give no realivent information, complex means nothing to me

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    According to Wikipedia, sodium azide decomposes violently at around 275C, so it should be fairly safe to do the reaction in refluxing methanol, though I would still do the reaction behind an explosion shield.

    Unrelated to the main question, one thing I find quite remarkable about the azide ion is that it is perhaps the strongest known reducing agent, yet can be produced from commonly available chemicals by an oxidative process.
    There are no paradoxes in relativity, just people's misunderstandings of it.
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