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Thread: Molecular bonds & Harmonic Resonance

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    Does anyone know if a molecular bond can be de-stabilize, or broken, using harmonic resonance?

    Theory: By taking a molecule of XY and surrounding it in a "bath" of molecule Z, to which both X and Y will bond readily (in the absence, or breakdown, of bond XY), and inducing a harmonic resonance that destabilizes, or breaks, the bond between XY, both X and Y will bond to Z creating molecules XZ and YZ.

    Assumption: Resonance will de-stablize, or break, XY but not XZ or YZ

    Is this theory & assumption possable?

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    There is no "magic frequency" that will cause molecular bonds to break. There are many energy levels available to a bond, and the each level is a different amount of energy from the next level. The levels gradually get close together in energy, and if you add energy past the point where the energy levels merge you will break the bond.

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