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Thread: Polymers and the Mooney Rivlin Equation

  1. #1 Polymers and the Mooney Rivlin Equation 
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    Hey guys,

    So, I have homework based on the Mooney Rivlin theory for extension of rubber polymers, and Im not exactly a master at this. For the question asked of me, I needed to find C1 and C2 of the equation, and the shear modulus of the polymer, which is related to C1 and C2.

    Anyway, the second part of the question asks me to find the Number Average Degree of Polymerization for the polymer given for me to consider. Now, this would be really easy to do if I was given a density or a temperature at which this is operating, but I'm not. The only numbers that I'm given are the shear modulus that I was able to find from the last part of the problem and also the fact that : G = NkT.
    So, in order to move forward I assumed that the problem was at a standard temperature of 20C and got a value for N = 1.06e20 sub chains/m^3. This is as far as I can go though. Since G = (density*R*T)/(Mn) and I don't have a value for density. Would you guys maybe be able to help push me forward in the right direction as to what I should do in order to get this degree of polymerization? Thanks.

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