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Thread: What would disintergrate these chemicals?

  1. #1 What would disintergrate these chemicals? 
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    I found an old foundation brush that still has residue on it. Although liquid foundation makeup is composed of several chemicals, the active ingredients in this one are titanium dioxide and zine oxide. I've tried using antibacterial soap to help break down the foundation but it wasn't especially effective and residue remained on the inner brush hairs. What could I do intergrate these chemicals? Ideally, I'd like to rest the brush in a mixture and let chemistry work its magic.

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    Integrate these chemicals?

    If you want just to get the brush clean and clear of the residues so that you can use it again, I'd soak it in a mixture of water and sorbolene. If not sorbolene, some other similar substance that's commonly used in cosmetics. Then I'd rinse it and wash it in a rich lather of shampoo. Maybe try the shampoo first, come to think of it. It's very good for getting make up out of other items. So long as you use cold water. You have to be absolutely certain you've got rid of every last possible iota of any protein at all before using warm or hot water to get rid of any oils or fats. (Seeing as it's a brush, I'd be pretty loth to use hot water anyway, you're likely to dissolve the glue holding the thing together.)

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