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Thread: A stoichiometry/acqueous reaction problem ... i need help~

  1. #1 A stoichiometry/acqueous reaction problem ... i need help~ 
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    How many liters of 0.500 M HCl(aq) are needed to react completely with 0.100 mol of Pb(NO3)2 (aq), forming a precipitate of PbCL2(s?

    I think I need to start from converting the 0.100 mol to grams ... but I'm not sure at all, and I keep getting the wrong answer, which is 0.400 L.

    I started from 0.100 mol * (1 L / 0.500 M), but I think thats yea.

    Please help asap, thank you!!!!!!

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    I can see this is homework, but I can also see you have at least tried to get a solution (pun intended). I can't help with an answer, but perhaps bumping this up the latest post list may bring it to the attention of someone who can. I am three or four decades away from doing this sort of calcualtion - I don't think you want my rusty understanding or molarity to enter the arena.

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    Well, the reaction's a 2:1 ratio so if you have 0.1 mol of lead nitrate you'll need 0.2 mol of HCl. At 0.5 mol/L that is indeed (0.2/0.5 =) 0.4 L. What makes you think it's the wrong answer?
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