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Thread: H2SO4 show basicity in HF Solution

  1. #1 H2SO4 show basicity in HF Solution 
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    please tell me the reason.
    H2SO4 is a strong base in aqueous solution.
    but act as a base in HF Solution.
    *****H2SO4 + HF*** H3SO4+ + F-

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    Sulfuric acid is amphoteric and can act as an acid or a base. This is true of many molecules with more than one H.

    I'm also assuming you meant to say strong acid in aq sol.

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    H2SO4 act as a base only in HF solution.
    instead of HF,H2SO4 acts as an acid in all solutions
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    Could one say then, how "acid" is one acid in comparison to another? jocular
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