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    Can a protein dissolve in water without disrupting the water?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kabdoun View Post
    Can a protein dissolve in water without disrupting the water?
    Working in the kitchen, the end result of that experiment would be chicken stock or beef broth.

    Perhaps one of our scientific sorts will show up with the answer you seek.

    From Wikipedia:

    Because water forms hydrogen bonds with the donors and acceptors on solutes dissolved within it, it inhibits the formation of a hydrogen bond between two molecules of those solutes or the formation of intramolecular hydrogen bonds within those solutes through competition for their donors and acceptors. Consequently, hydrogen bonds between or within solute molecules dissolved in water are almost always unfavorable relative to hydrogen bonds between water and the donors and acceptors for hydrogen bonds on those solutes.[18]

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    What do you mean by "disrupting the water"?
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    What Strange said.

    Solutions have higher boiling points than pure solvents, so adding almost anything to a sample of pure water will increase the boiling point and "disrupt" the water (ie, adding salt when making pasta). Depending upon what you add, it may not be a significant change.
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    Would you consider water disrupted when you make jello? I'm not sure what "disrupted " means in this context.
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