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Thread: How to Derive the Scatchard Equation

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    I need to derive the Scatchard equation, starting from the dissociation reaction of the following (hypothetical) drug-protein complex:

    [DP] ----------> [D] + [P]

    where [DP] = concentration of drug bound to protein.
    [D] = concentration of free, unbound drug.
    [P] = concentration of free, unbound protein.

    I need to know how to derive the Scatchard equation to get the following final result:

    r / [D] = n/Kd - r/Kd

    where r = concentration of bound drug / concentration of total protein, i.e. [DP]/[P]total and [P]total = [P] + [DP]
    n = number of binding sites per protein molecule P.
    Kd = dissociation equilibrium constant.

    I have been trying to find the correct derivation of the Scatchard equation for many days now, so help would genuinely be very much appreciated at this stage.

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