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Thread: informal gathering of people, like rock concert and its environmental impact in terms of chemical compounds!

  1. #1 informal gathering of people, like rock concert and its environmental impact in terms of chemical compounds! 
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    Hello guys!

    Here is the interesting topic that how the informal gathering of people, like rock concert, will impact the environment in term of waste, pollution, etc. I would appreciate, if you discuss this topic and give me some idea to think of more.

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    Duuude... like what?


    Two words for ya: Woodstock. Wait, man, that's one word. Far out.

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    If the concert is indoors it really wouldn't be that harmful. Outdoors you could always have a trash hauling firm along with other contractors paid to clean up after everyone leaves, it isn't that destructive.
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    Just an idea,

    Wouldn't the mass movement of people by car/bus (to the destination) increase the burning of fossil fuels considerably?

    Most people would consider a concert a good time to splash out - spend more money. What would they spend the money on? Something that uses fossils fuels at some point in the process to create it?

    This idea was put to me some years ago:

    Major events (Sports games/concerts etc etc), are often very helpful to the local economy. Why else do you think countries put so much effort into obtaining the rights to host an international sporting event? The payoffs to the country tend to be rather large (increased tourism and spending) when compared to the costs of organising the event.

    However, great economic activity means that there is more demand for things that are environmentally harmful to produce/use.

    Such events require security - which may be brought in from a considerable distance. Then there are the firms that clean up the garbage, the increased deployment of police (outside/after the event as people go home). The damage/harm to people and there property which is typically associated with major events (this means transportation to hospital, medical resources, arrests, processing of arrestees etc etc). Note that the increased use of medical services carries a large toll on the environment. Advertisments for the concert/event ultimately have an environmental impact. Then their are the handful of rich people who book planes to travel to another city to be at the event. Porter loos etc etc

    A lot of activity goes into the planning of a big events = a lot of economic activity = a lot of environmental harm.

    This is just an idea I got from a chemist (I haven't actually read any articles about this)

    What are your thoughts?
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