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Thread: Metal-polymer hybrid materials

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    Is it possible to synthesize hybrid metal-polymer materials? I am really looking for a paper or an idea and get onto everything, but not what I need. How do I imagine this kind of material - it should be a polymer, overall, like polyethylene or polythiophene, but it should include on the regular basis metal ions. I could also imagine a synthetic route towards such a compound - to take a metal complex, metal-thiophene complex for example, and to further co-polymerize it with thiophene into polythiophene, containing regular units of metal complex. I'm sure the synthesis of this kind of materials should be extremely difficult, but the materials obtained could be very promising. Any ideas? Who is working on this subject and where can I get more information about?

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    There is a pdf file here that might be of interest, (although I don't think it refers to metal ions)

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