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    3.This is quoted from my Chemistry book:
    ďAt about the same time that Dalton formed his atomic theory, J. L. GayLussac, a French chemist, made an interesting observation. He was studying gas reactions at constant temperature and pressure. He noted that, under constant conditions, the volumes of reacting gases and gaseous products are in the ratio of small numbers.
    This observation was explained a few years later by Amadeo Avagodro, and Italian physicist, using Daltonís theory. Avogadroís hypothesis also concerned gases at the same temperature and pressure. He stated that equal volumes of gases, under the same conditions, have the same number of molecules. These observations sped the acceptance of Daltonís theory.Ē
    The temperature/pressure, etc. is a topic that I know very little of. What I do know is that atoms and compounds bounce off of one another more when they are hot, like with the laws of conservation of momentum, creating more pressure in a container, and less pressure with it isnít as hot. Also when a container goes down in size with gas in it, it makes more pressure because the atoms of compounds bounce off of one another more, and I guess that means that makes the temperature goes up too, but I am not sure of this, and I donít understand how it connects with Avagodro, as well as how it deals with the temperature because I understand temperature in terms of electromagnetic radiation coming from electrons (and what about positive charges). I see that the atoms, with the electrons surrounding the nucleus must be hitting one another when the atoms are hitting one another like I mentioned with the conservation of momentum. And in fact, the very act of electrons hitting one another and repelling has to involve the exchange of photons between electrons, making the electrons go further away from the nucleus and then drop back down giving off photons (but are all of those photons heat?) Please someone fill me in on this topic, I need much more of an explanation about this than most topics. Please break it down for me into very simple pieces anyone who would like to answer this for me. May be I will get it, maybe I wonít, but if I donít, I will have a better idea about what is going on, and Iíll probably be able to ask more questions in order to finally get this whole thing of pressure, etc.

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