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    Compound Mass of Sn in a Sample Mas of O in a sample Ratio of O masses combined with constant mass (119) of Sn
    SnO 119g 16g 1
    SnO2 119g 32g 2

    I can see how O and O2 can show 1 and 2, because of division, 32/16 =2, but I am confused about the 119g thing and how it ties in. In need to have someone explain this to me. Also, how with the law of definite proportions can you actually come to the conclusion that there are specific numbers of specific elements in a compound, like Daltonís hypothesis states? This is based off of the ratios of masses? And what if you have the ratio and its inverse, then which one is valid and is the one used? How do you know? I remember that in my chemistry class in high school, there could be different ratios of iron with other chemicals, making this kind of thing, but I donít know what makes it work the way it does. If someone out there could give me an explanation as to how this happens, like may be it depends of the electron configurations, I need a very basic understanding. I still have yet to go over how the electron configurations work, and I donít remember it from when I took it in high, I just have a vague idea of how it works.

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