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Thread: How does acetic acid decompose in water and/or steam at temperatures around 250-300C?

  1. #1 How does acetic acid decompose in water and/or steam at temperatures around 250-300C? 
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    I'm working on the hydrothermal decomposition of hemicellulose and one of the reaction products is acetic acid. The incomplete reaction model I'm using says 20% of my original hemicellulose is converted into acetic acid. In comparison to other papers this seems to be too high. So were does my acetic acid go?
    I know some H2, CH4, CO and CO2 is produced, but not in what quantities. I thought that detailed reaction kinetics on the subject would be "known", but I'm not able to find it.
    A paper that is close by is: "Renewable hydrogen production by a mild-temperature steam reforming of the model compound acetic acid derived from bio-oil" by Z. Li et al from 2012.

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    let me get this straigth. Your using an acetic acid solution, or pure acetic acid?

    Then how do you let it decompose in water, or in steam. Or are you boiling the water, under pressure, with the acetic acid in solution, and then you watch the acetic acid vanish. Measure pH, i'd say. Or simply the volume of air, compared beginning with the end.

    I would find it curious if Ac would actually degrade at that temperature. But i wouldn't say it's impossible, just curious.

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