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    Hi, I like modifying and repairing cars, as well as doing scrap metal, and fixing whatever else comes my way, so I work with different metals alot. What I'd like to find is a website that showed pictures of different types of metal, and said some of the basic properties of it and maybe some of it's uses etc. I'm not after anything like it's mollecular structure or anything like that, nothing too technical, just stuff like what it looks like, how strong it is, what it's generally used for etc. If anyone knows any websites like that I'd be greatly appreciative.


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    Try- Steel and Metal Digest- a refference
    Otherwise you can google for a datasheet for most any alloy

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    Try the MatNavi NIMS Materials Database. Perhaps something there might be of use to you. Hope this helps!
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    Lol.. he asked for nothing to technical.. And that website is so technical it took me 5 minuts to find anything.. I don't think that's what he was looking for..

    Metals Properties and uses

    This is simple, interesting and it still contains much data about it's structure...

    Take a peek
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