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    Hi Everybody !,

    I've got a very precise question , so pardon me if i'm asking to get back a very precise answer .

    " Can we find chemical reactions where special radiations ( IR , UVs , XRays ... or others ) provokes "the change of colour of the chemical elements" in the solution, advitam eternam ?"

    I explain myself by giving you an schematic example : imagine a total transparent chemical solution, warm it by XRays , UVs or whatever , and at that moment ( or a few minutes later ) , the solution must turn to red or blue ( a visible color ).

    More precisely , could the energy giving to the element of the solution provoke a molecular rearrangement that changes the colour of the solution on our scale.

    Thanks for your attention and your answer !

    PS : I'm french , so excuse my english if it's bad !

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    re ...

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