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Thread: what is exact difference between 1 amu and molecular mass ?

  1. #1 what is exact difference between 1 amu and molecular mass ? 
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    for example, if sulphur(free) has 32 gram mass, what would be its amu?
    also, i came across a problem in which 1 amu of HELIUM was said to have 4 atoms, where as normally 1 gram of helium has( 6.023 *10 's power23)/4 atoms. can anyone help me??

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    32g S?
    lets see, molar mass is 32g approximently, so there would be 1 mole of sulphur ATOMs while its 1/8 mole of sulphur molecules since they tend to be in a ring of 8 atoms if i remember right.

    you seem to have confused what amu means, amu is the atomic unit, wich is about 1/6.023*10^23 grams. a mole is 6.023*10^23

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