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Thread: LIQUID entering air vents meant to releas controld air

  1. #1 LIQUID entering air vents meant to releas controld air 
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    Hi there ....

    am trying to release controlled amount of air (bubbles) through a grid of vents at the bottom plate of a tank filled with liquid .......was banking on surface tension to keep the thick liquid - silicon oil from
    entering the 121 vents at the tank bottom (.25mm each)
    turns out my naive ideas in physical chem. were wrong ......

    details and drawings are downloadable at....

    the liquid is entering the vents at the tank bottom ......seems i need one of the following...

    some kindav separation membrane to allow only air passage (air passage has to be uniform all over the grid)
    another liquid thicker than silicon oil under silicon oil ....not entering the 121 (.25mm) vents
    Some special air liquid interfacing non return valve to let air thru but block returning liquid etc

    anything anyone has to add....or detail in the above?.....

    I would be extremely grateful for ANY kind of help or guidance ......these are urgent and desperate hours

    do support......deadline only few days away...


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