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Thread: Starting Chem next week!!!!!

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    So yeah... Im starting college Chem next week, kinda nervous. I had Biology last semester and I enjoyed that and did well.. top in the class. However, the unit on chem was by far the most difficult for me to understand. What should I expect in my upcoming venture into chem? also what kinda math skills are gonna be necessary? I'll be taking college algebra next semester, to give you an Idea where I sit with math. Thanks :-D

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    It is unlikely that you will need anything other than basic algebra and maybe a little geometry in a low-level chem class.

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    What did you find most difficult in the chemistry part of your biology course?
    Basic algebra should be more than enough to cover the maths aspects, as scifor said.
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    the chemistry in you biology will be come alot clearer when you learn the principles of chemistry. i did both , at the same time and by the time we had finished both, everything was clearer.

    the maths should be ok.

    just a little note - i have just finished and got back my results yesterday (the leaving, not A levels). lol one begining and one ending.
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