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Thread: Automatically restore power battery

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    I researched battery for a long time. The discovery of new principles. The battery can not consume the metal electrode, to generate electricity.
    Now disclose some information. Copper on the Carbon package, you can not protect the copper consumption.
    I do model, 8 hours after discharge can short-circuit back to its original capacity.

    I published this information, would like to make a deal.
    When the battery in my research and found that a regulatory body of technology, electromagnetic waves change the immune system. I want to do product testing, test whether the treatment of cancer. If you can do. I can put this technology in exchange for a simple model
    This is my early model, results are poor, has improved
    New Invention Pages - Home, com_hotproperty / task, view / id, 131/Itemid, 26 /

    I am simple English. Articles with google translation.

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    The English is very hard to understand.

    I think you are saying:

    While doing my research, I discovered that the immune system responds to electromagnetic waves. It is possible that this has an effect on cancer and I would like to test this. If you know where or how I can begin, please let me know. Here is a link to my prototype: New Invention Pages - Home. The initial results were not that great, but they are improving.

    Move your question to Health & Medicine

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    I need help, whatever. I want to help me to do laboratory animal experiments. I do too difficult
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