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Thread: Where do I find a listing of actual Scientific Debates?

  1. #1 Where do I find a listing of actual Scientific Debates? 
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    I'm looking for a list of current scientific controversies. I've poked around on the internet, but all I can find is sites like this one - which I think is great, but not what I'm looking for. I don't have a specific question I'm trying to answer so much as I'm trying to get a list of the current controversies in a variety of scientific fields.
    There is another internet site supposedly devoted to that, but it's all about greenhouse warming, vaccine autism, creationism, and so forth. Things that are NOT really debates at all in the scientific community, just in the popular press.
    What I want is SCIENCE controverises. For example: Do the remains of "Homo florensiensis" represent a new lineage of hominids, or are they just individuals of known lineage with bone deformities? Does ALH84001 constitute evidence of Martian life or not? Is the universe flat, or curved? (actually, I think that one might be settled now - I'm not an astronomer). These are scientific questions for which scientific answers may be found, but have not been found YET. There are serious scientific proponents on both sides. Does anyone know of a collection of such debates?
    One more thing - I've turned up a few compiled lists of "scientific debates" that are lists of things like "should we colonize Mars?" and so forth. A moment's thought should make it obvious that this is a policy question having only the most tangential relation to science. I'm not looking for this sort of thing, either. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apb9999 View Post
    Does anyone know of a collection of such debates?
    Peer-reviewed journals like "Science" and "Nature".

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    The groups of scientists are pretty clicky, meaning that they have separate communities at the level of debate. Exceptions include 2 separate fields with independent data on the same phenomena. Helps a lot if we know what arena of science you are looking for.
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