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Thread: Ideal Gas Laws Problem

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    Pleeeeeease some one show me how to do this:

    Carbon monoxide and molecular oxygen react to form carbon dioxide. A 52.0 L reactor at 200C is charged with 1.02 atm of CO. The gas is then pressurized with O2 to give a total pressure of 3.45 atm. The reactor is sealed, heated to 350C to drive the reaction to completion, and cooled back to 200C. Compute the final partial pressure of each gas.

    super confused

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    Use the pressure information to calculate the ratio of moles of CO and O2 before the reaction.

    Write the equation for the reaction and find the ratio of moles of each reactant required for stoichiometry. You can then figure out if you have excess of CO or O2 after the reaction has gone to completion.

    The total pressure after reaction and cooling will be the initial pressure times the ratio of total moles after and before reaction. For an ideal gas the partial pressure of each gas is in the same ratio as the moles of each gas.

    As far as I can tell both the 350C and the 52.0L are red herrings. You don't need those pieces of information.

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