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Thread: Best Practices in Chemical Management for Plant Safety

  1. #1 Best Practices in Chemical Management for Plant Safety 
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    Attend our webinar on December 13, 2011. Learn from our expert (Ms. Kami Blake and Mr. Oscar Jimenez from 3E Company) they will be covering Plant Safety specific to Chemical Management and will discuss the following:

    *Preparation and Planning: Documentation and Record Keeping, Roles and Responsibilities, Impact Analysis, and Management of Change
    *Anatomy of a Release After Action Analysis
    *Emergency Response Plan Essentials
    *External Resources
    *OSHA Inspection Priorities
    *Proactive Approaches

    Timing -

    *7:00 am Pacific
    *10:00 am Eastern
    *3:00 pm UK
    *4:00 pm Central Europe

    Last day to register is December 12, 2011

    Click here to register:

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