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    I found this forum while Googling adhesives.

    I'm the in the process of developing a new product for horse hooves. The base of the product is self-adhering, vinyl decal material (I'm currently working with a product original used for automotive headlight protection). Although the adhesive bond is quite strong at first (vinyl<-->hoof) , within three days the edges start to curl, I assume this is due to the harsh dirt/dust environment the animals' feet are constantly exposed to.

    Here is where I am looking for technical help and knowledge from anyone willing to help me: My thought to correct this, is to spray/brush on a protectant once the vinyl is placed. The horse industry already uses Krylon spray-finishes on hooves, so I tried this. However, this causes the edges to curl up within 5 minutes of the best guess is that it's because the Krylon has acetone and alcohols in it, which probably break down the adhesive. So I'm brainstorming for a different kind of thin, clear, fast-drying sealant/laquer. My next thought is something like nail polish, but I'm fairly certain all those chemicals are in that too.

    Does anyone with superior knowledge have some thoughts? I assure you that I'm not here to promote a product (it's for horses for heaven's sake!); I'm a 27yo Grad student with a horse and a really creative idea. I already have a distributer interested in selling my product as soon as I get things settled out (telling you all this in case you're in some sort of adhesive/sealant industry and have a suitable adhesive/finish)!

    Any comments will be greatly, GREATLY appreciated!

    Eliza Hedegaard
    Hoof Couture

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