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Thread: Reducing hydrogen gas formation in electrolysis of seawater

  1. #1 Reducing hydrogen gas formation in electrolysis of seawater 
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    I am doing an experiment where I need to reduce (actually completely stop) the production of gas (mainly Hydrogen and Chlorine) at my electrodes but still allow for a high electric field in the seawater between the electrodes. Are there any techniques in doing so or certain electrodes that would make solids or solutions instead of the gas byproducts?

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    You can easily prevent the formation of chlorine gas at the anode. Just use a copper electrode. The chlorine will react with the copper to form CuCl2 which is soluble. It will turn your solution green. Other common metals will also work for the anode.

    I don't know any way to stop the production of hydrogen gas at the cathode.

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    how about using a salt bridge as an electrode?
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