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    hi all, I have just purchased a Mercury Barometer, in the process of putting it in my mouth as one does I wondered what the risk was for Mercury poisoning even if very slight............

    My reasoning comes because as far as I know you can never fully seal something as very fine 'particles' will still be able to escape, such is the taught theory behind how sniffer dogs can smell through solid items and identify drugs.

    So, is there a very very small amount of Mercury escaping? I am sure a dog could smell it either way..........! :P

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    I doubt there's any escape from Mercury Barometers, it's considered one of the most stable meteorology instruments.

    The main concern would be residue left from the factory on the outside of the instrument.

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    "...putting it in my mouth as one does..."

    It is a barometer, not an oral thermometer. I suppose next you will experiment by using it as a rectal thermometer. Send photos.

    No need to worry about mercury poisoning when used properly. I would not expect there to be even traces of mercury on the surfaces. The factory must be especially diligent in its processes out of respect for its own workers and for EPA regulations.
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    I remember at school when someone dropped a thermometre and the firemen had to come come to the school and wash the playground down. Teacher told us that if the mercury got in our blood we would be poisoned. I guess the planey mercury could be the balance to the temperature of the universe what do you think?
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