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Thread: Terraforming - The Chemistry Side of It

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    Riiiight - Hypothesis -

    We have a found a VERY Alien Planet - NO - not in Sol.
    A long way away - and let us assume FAST FTL Drives, and powerful In-System Drives.

    This Planet has both Atmosphere and Hydrosphere ( liquid phase ), which are totally wierd.
    Assuming that we have the Technology and Energy to do whatever is necessary -

    Just sorting out the Chemistry is the bit where I am not very sure.
    Geting rid of the Nasty Chemicals.

    Then of course replacing them with Earth-Type Atmosphere and Hydrosphere -
    well that also only takes HEAPS of Power and Transport.
    To move Solid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Dry Ice, and Water Ice -
    in VERY LARGE quantities - then use Cyanobacteria and Phytoplankton
    to convert the CO2 to Oxygen.

    Here it is, then -

    Ka II
    Rock Planet
    Orbital Radius 4.32 x 10^8 km ( 2.89 AU )
    Period 2.82 x 10^4 hours ( 3.22 Earth years )
    Mass – 0.85 x Earth
    Gravity 8.29 m/s^2 ( 0.85 x Earth )
    Temperature 8 degrees Celsius
    Atmosphere – NH3, NF3, He
    Hydrosphere ( water ) None – BF4, NH3, N2, F2
    Moons – 2 medium Ka IIA, Ka IIB, Ka IIC.
    Deserted / Abandoned Alien Cities

    So - any Helpful Advice would be welcome

    Mostly -

    How to get the nasty Fluorine out of the Nitrogen Trifluoride -
    and not have it melt everything.

    How to get the nasty Fluorine out of the Tetrafluoroborate -
    and not have it melt everything.

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    Terraforming is a pipe dream.

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    Krarakris you haven't really haven't provide nearly enough information. What's the composition of the lithosphere? Where is all the methane coming from? Volcanoes? Life? What standard of terraforming are you trying to get to? Light clothing with mask to breath growing tomatoes outside? Humans skinning dipping in the ocean? Is there already indigenous life? Some inconsistencies as well...methane at 8C in the ocean?
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    Sorry - no Methane - No Carbon anywhere.

    Artmosphere - Ammonia, Nitrogen Trifluoride, Helium.

    Hydrosphere - Tetrafluroborate and Ammonia, Nitrogen, Fluorine.

    Some Aliens changed this to suit THEIR Ecology - dead and long gone.
    Abandoned Alien Cities - fossil remains.
    Geology - Earth like, but not active.

    We mean for Humans to be able to live in it without any kind of artifical aids.

    Terraforming is REAL in our "Krissyverse" -
    In 2137 Mars is Terraformed and becoming Green.
    Next year Venus will be 90% Terraformed -
    still need to convert remaining CO2 to Oxgen, and add more Nitrogen.
    All other changes are in hand.

    This Planet Kappa II is a damn hard nut to crack, though.
    If I wasn't so stupid - I might know what I was doing
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