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Thread: oil emulsification help wanted

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    Hi, the title is 'scientific' sounding, but it's really a simple problem.

    I'm wanting to make my own aftershave, which would include a mixture of alcohol and water, with essential oils.

    My problem is how to emulsify the oils in the water/alcohol mixture so that everything is evenly distributed.

    Someone in another forum said colace, a stool softener, would do the job, and be safe to put on the skin. What I'm wondering, is what ratio colace to oil would be optimal. Are there any experiments that could be done to see how much colace was needed to absorb a specific amount of oil? Or, are there any other alternatives that would emulsify the oils and be safe to put on the skin? Like a detergent perhaps?

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    adding soap (emulgator) would be a help there i guess. or a replacement for soap..

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