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    Would anyone be interested in this software/program that I made for a school project?

    Right now it is unfinished, and is in Spanish, the final product would be in English and also in Spanish, with more features, better logo, etc

    Here are some screenshots of the unfinished/alpha program:

    In this picture you can see that if you hover your mouse over an element it gives you basic information.

    And here if you click an element, it gives you full information, with many tabs such as "Basic info", "Properties", "Electronic Configuration", "Pictures of element usage", etc


    Also here you can see the search tool where you can sort the elements by atomic number, or alphabetically, and search an element by name, symbol, atomic number, or approximate name (For example if you type "hydr", it asks you "Did you mean: 'hydrogen'")

    It has many more features such as a practice game where it presents you with a element symbol and you need to type the name, it uses a database and the program asks you an element randomly, and another type of game where it gives you a grade from 1 to 10 (1/10, 7/10), that way you can study the names of elements.
    If anyone shows interest I could enhance and completely finish all the program with many more features, and sell it to a reasonable price

    Any comments, suggestions, or anything?

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