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    Just cleaned out my goldfish and added chlorine control. It lists the active ingredients as:

    sodium thiosulphate, EDTA (?) and sodium sulphate.

    In my mind of simplicity I'm assuming that the chlorine strips the chlorine to form NaCl (common salt). This leave sulphate or sulphuric acid, which by the sound of it would be worse for the fish than chlorine.

    Have I got the chemistry right, or am I missing something?

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    I take it that first 'chlorine' should be 'sodium,' right? Sulfate shouldn't do anything - it's not going to form sulfuric acid. Since it's a strong acid it doesn't 'hold on' to its hydrogen ions, and since it can't 'hold on' to them it also doesn't 'pick them up.' Now the conjugate base of a weak acid on the other hand would pick up hydrogens ions out of the water, leaving the solution basic.

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