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    Hey everyone. So I am a student in high school and I participate in my science research program at school. I am currently studying the optical properties of Chiral Nematics (Cholesteric Nematic Liquid Crystals)

    I just have a question because I know that Twisted Nematic LCs are always used in LCdisplays and i came upon this procedure:
    This tests the effects of voltage on a Twisted Nematic LC pixel and one would record transmittance using a photodiode or photodetector. However, if I were to create the pixels with Cholesteric Nematic LCs that I made with this procedure: instead of using the twisted nematic liquid crystals to insert in between the two conductive glass slides, would I still be able to test voltage on transmittance? I know that the data would be probably different from if I used twisted nematic LCs but would I be able to successfully test for this??

    Thank you so much and all help is greatly appreciated!

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