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Thread: Specific Heat Question?

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    Right now in Chemistry we are learning Heat/Kinetic Energy, now the question.

    How many joules are required to heat a frozen can of juice (360grams) from -5 degrees Celsius (the temperature of an overcooled refrigerator) to 110 degrees Celsius (the highest practical temperature within a microwave oven)?

    I could not be able to solve this problem since I do not know the specific heat capacity.

    That's all the information that's given to me.

    My Pleases and Thank You's in advance.
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    Assuming you mean a cardboard can, and you have taken the lid off so there's only a small amount of metal on the bottom, you might be able to heat it in the microwave.

    In addition to the specific heat you will need to know the latent heat of fusion of the juice, and if the boiling point of the sugary solution is below 110C you will also need to know the latent heat of vaporization. I would assume only the water content freezes and boils, so these values are readily available. Somewhere on the internet the specific heat of both solid and liquid juice must be available.

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