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Thread: Science fair quest. for my son acids,bases and evaporation

  1. #1 Science fair quest. for my son acids,bases and evaporation 
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    I am posting for my son because he is 11 years old. His topic for his SF project is "will acids or bases affect water evaporation?" We used regular tap water to dissolve 30ml of vinegar, lemon, ammonia, and bleach into 170ml of tap water. We also had a cup of 200ml tap water. Our results are less then promising and show little change in evaporation. If anything the tap water has slightly more possibly a measurable amount of evaporation over the solutions.
    Any thoughts?
    should we have used distilled water?

    Thanks for your help and thoughts.
    Logan and Mom

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    The tap water should have more evaporation. The rate of evaporation of water is linked to the concentration of water in the solution. So from distilled water you could know how much evaporation occurs when the concentration is 1. Tap water should be close enough though. So ya, just plot the evaporation as a function of the concentration of water or as a function of the concentration of the solute.

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