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Thread: saturation point in a solvent

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    if I have random soluble materials in a solvent which has reached the saturation point, just because one substance has reached saturation can other stuff be added till their respective saturation points?

    I guess it must depend on what is being added but in general if one substance has reached its saturation point will no other be soluble as a result?

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    It really depends on what your adding and other things such as temperature
    But you could dissolve two or more materials in a solvent.
    Hope i helped

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    I don't know the answer to your question but will just state what seems logical to me (and let someone better informed say why it's wrong). If the solution is saturated with one solute, adding another solute must make some of the solvent unavailable for the first solute. Therefore the solution would become supersaturated in the first solute which would precipitate out if there's a nucleation site.
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