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Thread: 1,3:2,4-bis(3,4-dimethylbenzylidene)sorbitol degradation

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    finally ends up with an aldehyde. show me how please.

    First guy who completes this task will be rewarded by me, depending on how detailed the answer is.

    If it is very nice, I might even hire you from time to time on hourly basis.

    so, my question is only to test you guys.

    I need a chemist to talk to sometimes. I will pay you and before you do anything I will mention the value of each question.

    So far nobody answered this simple question. I think I will have to advertise in Monster for a part time chemist instead.

    Well, if any of you feel like answering some chemistry questions from time to time and get paid for it. Convince me you are the right guy.

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    is it with NaBH4 as a reducing agent ;D?

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