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    today i was sitting in my room, board out of my mind and found some bubble solution and started blowing bubbles (just for the simple pleasure of watching them). on a close inspection of the bubbles i was blowing, i noticed that whilst some hit objects and popped, and others simply popped for reasons known only to it's self, i noticed that a few bubbles held together and simply vanished, and didnt pop at all. this caught my attention, so i blew more bubbles untill i saw another of these vanishing bubbles, this time i paid close attention to it. for a time (average time 15-25 seconds) these bubbles just simply seamed to be ordinary bubbles, once their 15-25 seconds where up however, i noticed that a rapid change came over the bubbles, instead of its flawless pearly smooth sheen, the light that was caught on the bubbles surface seamed to reflect out of pools on the bubbles surface, which is to say, that some parts of the bubble appeared to reflect light, while other parts did not reflect light/as much light. however the parts that did not reflect light where still part of the bubble, which is to say they where still part of the bubbles surface. gradually (relatively speaking of course as the bubble took aprox. 5 seconds from this point on to expire) the "light pools" grew smaller and smaller, until it was nearly imposable to see the bubble, the majority of the bubbles surface was taken up by the non-light reflective bubble material. at this point the bubble pops.

    after thinking this over i had originally concluded that the bubble solution from which the bubble is formed must be evaporating into the air, and gradually the bubbles structural integrity is weakened until it reaches a point in which it cannot hold it's self together any longer. but now im not so sure, if the bubble solution was evaporating, wouldn't it do so at an equal rate throughout the rest of the bubble, and the bubble would simply become less and less visible. the "light pools" i observed would not be formed if the bubble simply evaporated.

    this has really gotten my attention, i am going to study this further. now i am curious, what happens to my disintegrating bubbles? i will try to record more observations using a camera, and post it on youtube so you can witness it your self, and give me your take on "the disintegrating bubble"

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