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    Thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm student chemist (only 21), and last week I got exposed to alot of methyl iodide when I spilt some dissolved in DCM onto my hand, although I was wearing nitrile gloves I think the chemical passed straight through, I had some skin irritation the next day. Now, after reading up so much about MeI, I'm paranoid that I'll get cancer. Am I being reasonable in worrying about getting cancer because of this exposure?

    I seen a doctor, he says it's unlikely, but isn't it also extremely unlikely that someone would have this sort of accident?

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    By the way, it was about 15 mL I split on my gloves (which stayed on my hands for like 6 -7 seconds), the 15 mL was mostly DCM, but about 1 mL was pure MeI

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    I don't really know but I work with aquarium tanks and I put iodine into mine today I was actually using trying to use iodine as an anti bacterial substance and well I sometimes get iodine on my finger tips it stains yellow you wash it off in a day or so it is completly gone and I get some irratation nothing else I think you will be fine.

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    John, I would not worry about it at all if I were exposed as you have been. I had a look at the Material Safety Data Sheet. It is only a suspected carcinogen, meaning they have exposed lab animals thousands of times to near toxic levels and can't produce a clear case of carcinogenic effects. Though it does not, still it is not healthy and not totally in the clear as far as long term effects, they always err on the side of caution. Obviously I can't tell you how to react to this but I would not give it another thought if it were me.
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