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Thread: New idea for use of magnetism in guns. Would this work?

  1. #1 New idea for use of magnetism in guns. Would this work? 
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    I was having a class on Physics when out of nowhere emerged the thought: "Why can't we have guns without gunpowder?"

    I kept thinking on a solution. And I thouht about something that, in my mind, made sense:

    1) Get two long, rectangular magnets. (About 1 Metre each)

    2) Carve a semi-cricle in each, so that their concave parts repel each other (negative and negative or vice-versa). Make it so that when put together, the concave parts form a tube runs through them.

    3) Tape them tightly together, allowing a repelling field to be created inside the tube.

    4) Insert a Metal ball in the tube and push it with a wood stick until it reaches the middle of the tube.

    5) The ball should fly out, the other way, with a great speed.

    What do you guys think? Would this work? Should I test it? Please comment.

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    The magnets would repel each other but they would both attract an iron ball. It wouldn't go flying out the end.

    There is already an invention called a railgun that propels an iron ball using magnetic force.

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    Why are there two threads on this issue?

    Montysire, post once, not multiple times. Please.
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    ....dude, why'd you post this twice?

    more so
    Dude...why's this in the Chem forums? this isn't remotely Chem, this is physics, pure and simple.

    it's already been answered there too, NO
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