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    I have a question on adduction of chemical substances. Acetaldehyde forms an adduct with certain amide chemicals by a carbon attaching to the nitrogen and an adjacent hydrogen jumping onto the oxygen all at room temperature to form a some what unstable chemical. This chemical when extracted to powder from the solution will break down just about immediately back into the two chemicals. There seems to be an equilibrium between acetaldehyde to amide, and it doesnt like to be purified.

    My question is, if acetaldehyde forms an adduct with these amides in this fashion would also propionaldehyde/butyraldehyde under normal conditions aswell? It doesnt necicarily seem to have anything blocking the link between the two, since there is nothing in the way of that first carbon->nitrogen/hydrogen->oxygen bonding site. As the molecular weight of the aldehyde goes up, the more a catalyst/heat may be needed? Or is there a possibility that acetaldehyde is the only adduct of these amides?

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