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Thread: Reaction that result in heat and coldness

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    Hi people

    My name is Ebbe. I am a BDE student from Denmark.
    I was working with a school project and suddenly a problem came up. I found out that the only way that I can finish my project is by finding some materials that got these following attributes:

    1. They need to be liquid

    2. 2 of the materials must create a heat between 120-140 degrees Celsius if you mix them

    3. 2 of the materials must lower the temperature to between 1 and 10 degrees Celsius when you mix them

    4. The resulting products created from the mixed materials both in question 2 and 3 may not be a strong acid, a base, any radioactive product or any exploding product.

    If there is some brilliant and helpful people out there that can help me I would appreciate it very much.

    Kind regards Ebbe

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