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Thread: A somewhat odd question I'm not sure belongs here...

  1. #1 A somewhat odd question I'm not sure belongs here... 
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    That special someone's birthday is coming up, and I would like to make it snow for her since she loves snow, but we won't see it for another while.

    I saw this video on metacafe ( and it looked simple enough, but I didn't really get anything snow-like at all (granted, I didn't use a brown paper bag because I didn't have one; is that the trick in it?), it was just water with yeast, baking soda, and sugar/salt mixed in between.

    If anyone here has done so before, could you tell me how I would go about making cheap, relatively realistic snow in semi-large quantities? Or any quantity at all.

    Also, some googling suggests and sodium polyacrylate might be useful, but it seems a bit too... powder-y for my tastes.

    Thank you very much in advance, and my apologies if this forum is not meant for these kinds of things <_>, but I'm really not sure where to turn to anymore...

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