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Thread: Ways to supply free radicals to an artificial environment?

  1. #1 Ways to supply free radicals to an artificial environment? 
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    Can everyone please add their thoughts on how to supply free radicals to an artificial environment. The experiment is the effects of antioxidants and free radicals on seed germination. I had 10 mL of hydrogen peroxide (free radical), the antioxidant, and thirty radish seeds in a petri dish, and observed the amount of seeds that germinated. Would there be an alternate way to supplying a free radical for this experiment? Doesn't matter if I have to change the environment (petri dish) to something else, as long as I get the free radical. I was thinking possibly electrolysis to obtain the oxygen free radical, but how would I maintain the oxygen free radical in the petri dish with the antioxidant (liquid form) and radish seeds?

    Thanks everyone.

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