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Thread: help me name these formulas

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    im having a hard time with my homework, so i decided to sign up here since its the most obvious place to ask for help, hehe.

    1. [CoBr6]4-




    2. which transition metal has the smallest atomic radius in period 5?

    3. why is the transition metal to its right larger?

    4. how many d electrons are there in : (and how many of them are unpaired?)
    Cu+, Ni 2+, Ti, Fe(VI)

    thank you for all your input. if you know the correct answer, can you please leave a brief explination as to how you got the answer? thanks!!!


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    I'm not going to do your homework for you, and I don't even understand what you want with 1. It appears to be coordination chemistry, but what do you want?

    But I will tell you that all of the other questions can be answered with an understanding of the fairly simple concept of Zeff (effective nuclear charge) along with the Aufbau Principle and the Pauli Exclusion Principle. All of these concepts are both very simple and enlightening and I suggest you start there. If you want to talk about those concepts in more detail I'd be happy to.

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