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    Hi there. I have a chemistry assignment called organic compounds and functional groups and am having difficulty answering 2 of the questions. Would really appreciate any help.

    1. Primary and secondary alcohols can be oxidised using an oxidising agent such as acidified dichromate ions. they can be oxidised to form aldehydes, carboxylic acid and ketones.

    Write the equation for the oxidation reaction of butan-1-ol (primary alcohol) and butan-2-ol (secondary alcohol) with the conditions. Explain how the functional group is related to the reaction of the alcohol.

    2. Esters are formed when an alcohol is wormed with a carboxylic acid in the presence of an acid catalyst.
    Draw the displayed formula for the product of the reaction between pentan-2-ol and ethanoic acid. Outline how the water molecule is formed from the functional groups

    Once again, thank you for any help

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    Show us what you have so far, and we'll help you with any mistakes you may have made.

    Nobody here will do it for you if you haven't ever tried.

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