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    Hey guys,

    I did a copper sulfide experiment and found the empirical formula to be Cu2S

    So can you guys show me the balanced equation.

    I think it looks somewhat like this:

    Cu + S + O2 --> SO2 + Cu...Is this right?

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    wrong its CuS Balanced equation for what? you want to reduce the CuS ( cupric sulfide) to Cu and SO2 or H2S??

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    well based on the info you've given us, your equation is waay out

    as far as I can tell your saying you found the Empirical form to be Cu2S as one of the products from the reactants Cu, S and O2
    In which case you HAVE to have a multiple of Cu2S in the products, the empirical formula is sort of like the lowest form of a fraction you can get, so the product here can be Cu2S or Cu4S2 or Cu140S70 etc etc

    If the empirical formula is different to the equation then please enlighten me
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    The reaction is more like this : 2Cu + S -> Cu2S (if you smelled SO2, it formed due to oxidation of sulphur in the presence of air and heat due to exotermic reaction). i can not see why would oxigen participate in this reaction. There are more copper sulfides known, for example: CuS, Cu2S, CuS2,...
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