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    Before the discovery that CFCs cause depletion of the ozone layer, what were the the considered advantages of their use? How and why were they used in aerosol cans, non-stick frying pans and refrigerants? I understand how they damage the ozone layer but am not entirely clear about the science of their inital uses (why were they good as coolants and propellants?). Am I correct that they are non-reactive and have low boiling points? Is is down to these reasons that they were applied in the above?

    Thank you.

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    C----F or C----Cl is a very strong bond and therefore unreactive

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    the family of chloro,fluoro hydrocarbons is quiet diverse , the boilng points range from -78C for methyl flouride t0 over 300C for heavy perfluoronated compounds.
    They are good refrigerants because of low toxcicity, high heat of evaporation, relatively inert, and good thermal properties. Space shuttle uses freon 21 in the radiator panels, we built them at Lockheed. They are good propellants as they can be liqified easily and provide a large nonflameable source of pressure. By the way Bromo compounds are also included primarily as fire extinguishers and vapor degreasers. Also they are generally excellent solvents of organic compounds.
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