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Thread: Calculating Enthalpy changes help please

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    ok I understand how to Calculate enthalpy changes

    what I don't understand is what side the enthalpy symbol goes on it changes and I don't know why

    for example 2O2 + CO ---> CO2 + O2

    assuming O2 has an enthalpy thingy of 20, CO is 30 and CO2 is -50

    the equation would then either be

    (20x2) + 30 + deltaH = -50 + 20
    (20x2) + 30 = deltaH -50 + 20

    how do I work out which side the deltaH goes on? my teacher said something about drawing lines without going against arrows and doing the longest one, I tried that and the longest line is always the same side and it don't make no sense

    Someone help

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