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    Compound B is acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter found in the human body. It binds to receptors, leading to nerve stimulation.


    CH3 O
    | ||
    H3C- N+- CH2- CH2- O-C- CH3

    (in case the thread does not show correctly, the CH3 with the single line underneath places above the N+, the O with the two || below it places above the C and the CH3 with the line above it places below the N+)

    Name two types of interaction, other than van der Waals or hydrophobic interactions, by which compound B could bind to the receptors.
    Identify two different types of group or atoms that could be involved in each of the interactions described in part (c)(i).
    (iii) Give examples of the types of functional groups which will have to be present in the receptor sites in order for the two types of binding interaction to take place.

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