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    i live in Turkey. A Turkish company claims that they improve heat transfer cofficients of specific materials by their sophisticated nano technology invention.

    They also claim that ; depending on space and location condtions their heaters consume averagely 1/3 or 1/6 of the energy consumed by other typical heaters.

    They tried to explain their thesis based on ;

    The molecular heat transfer system is the most sophisticated technology developed so far. Its key principle is to load the electrons that continuously move around the atoms of the object with heat. This way, when these electrons transmit their heat load to the electrons of other atoms, heat energy is rapidly transferred.

    While steel, aluminum and copper among metals employed in heating systems have heat transfer coefficients of 18 w/mk, 220 w/mk and 292 w/mk respectively, these values unbelievably get higher such as 13150 w/mk for steel, 13800 w/mk for aluminum and 13200 w/mk for copper when Heatpowercell molecular heat transfer technology is applied to these metals.

    Their web site for the FAQ is

    What i wanna learn is ,if this company is a Fraud or this technology can be verified by scientists?

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    where in Turkey do u live? I am half-turkish btw. let me guess Istanbul?

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