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    Ok, first off I am *not* asking how to do this problem, I just need a little push in the right direction because I truly have no idea where to even start with these two problems.

    In the first I'm given the equilibrium pressures(x and y), and balanced equation of x and y at a given temperature.
    The volume is then doubled (no initial or final volume is given) and it asks what the new equilibrium pressures will be. There's fewer moles on one side, so it definitely shifts, I just don't know how to incorporate volume in seeings how the only equation I know to use it with requires moles, which I also don't have.

    The second problem (which I have even less clue on) gives a balanced equation and temperature. It then gives the density of the gas mixture/liter at the equilibrium pressure. I need to solve for concentration equilibrium constant (which I know how to do from the pressure constant, but how do I get to the pressure constant?)

    Again, I'm just hoping for a little push in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Help to first question:

    One side has less moles than the other right? Which side is it on? The Left or Right side of the equation? Next, Le Chatelier's Principle states that a system in equilibrium would try to remove/lessen the stress, hence, when pressure is applied, the equilibrium would thus shift in the direction that has LESS moles since LESS moles means LESS pressure/relieving the pressure. Thus, noting the above points, Im sure that you can deduce the answer. =)

    Help to second question:

    The question asks for equilibrium constant not the pressure constant and unless im not mistaken, you only need the product of the concentration of the products (of the reaction) divided by the product of the concentration of the reactants. Which means that you more or less have the answer out straight. First find their concentrations (at this point, due to ambiguity, im not sure if what you're given is not in mol/dm3 and if it really isnt, then find some way to convert it OR if possible -someone correct me please- use the concentration in the terms that they have given you and then find the equilibrium constant IN the units specified) and thus, find the equilibrium constant.

    *Note that in most equilibrium related questions, the temperature is usually there to show that all is constant and most likely is not involved in the workings at all unless your teacher is just being mean/fun and decides to add in more values for you which requires you to relate temperature to the question via PV=nRT which you can then slowly solve for the concentration. hahahahaha...

    This forums are so helpful in activating my dead brain after being forced to serve in the army for almost 2 years.

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