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    Just first off, I joined this forum to learn and science and just advance myself intellectually, so I apologize in advance if the things I say are in essence "dumb" or stupid.

    Oh, and sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    So, I guess I'll get started with my question.

    From what I've been hearing, synthetic diamonds are, frankly, completely superior to conventional diamonds in every aspect; considering the 5 Cs of diamond shopping, (cut, clarity, color, cost, and carat), artificial diamonds simply outperform a regular diamond. Period.

    However, I'm under the assumption that there has to be some reason why these diamonds aren't more mainstream. Could it be because the process of making these diamonds is too complex and expensive? Or is it that just the negative connotation surronding these "fake" diamonds that most people have outweigh their physical beauty?

    I'm perplexed, and I appreciate it if I could be enlightened.

    Furthermore, I'm relatively well grounded in the subject of conflict diamons, and would the U.N. offering incentives for the creation of these diamonds improve the situation? I mean, the consumer in the end will be benefitted, and atleast we can end the freaking monpoly that's going on right now, right? :P

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    Or is it that just the negative connotation surronding these "fake" diamonds that most people have outweigh their physical beauty?
    Basically this. It's the same with most other jewls as well. Synthetic emeralds, for example, are a LOT better than natural emeralds in terms of crystal quality, but naturals are still much more expensive.

    Jewels are pretty odd. The value only appears to be connected to how uncommon they are, rather than any inherent qualities of the jewel. The optical properties of moissanite are far superior to diamonds; if you put a piece of cut moissanite next to a piece of cut diamond, pretty much everyone would immediately agree that the moissanite looks way better. But moissanite jewelry sells for a small fraction of what equivalent diamond jewelry would cost, simply because there's a lot of moissanate and hardly any diamonds. It's all pretty ridiculous in my opinion...

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    113 mean that synthetic diamonds really have better 5Cs? Somehow I doubt that statement cause the price to pay for the quick process of synthesising diamonds is that they are inferior to real ones which spend a very long time beneath the ground (6 feet under, pun intended) and thus, their "brilliance" is worse off due to the fact that the long process required for the real one allows that arrangement of the carbon atoms to be fitted "nicely" and thus, when cut, this allows the light to shine in and reflect/refract/difract at the best possible angles. And thus, synthetic diamonds are mainly used to tip drill bits as diamond experts can tell a fake from the real stuff. All the above is supposing that technology hasnt improved since I ended my studies which stated most of the above about 2 years ago.
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